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Use realization in a sentence

Rachel came to the realization that she was an athlete when she placed in the top ten of the marathon.

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    Realization is defined as the moment of understanding something, or when something planned finally happens.

    1. An example of a realization is when a person sitting in a boring meeting understands that they need a new job.
    2. An example of a realization is when you achieve your goal of wanting to run in a marathon.

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  1. a realizing or being realized
  2. something realized



  1. The act of realizing or the condition of being realized.
  2. The result of realizing.

(plural realizations)

  1. The act of Shoes 2 Dance Size Latin Salsa Women's Monie Adult Modern 8" Ballroom PF8Z5q; an act of figuring out or becoming aware.
    He came to the startling realization that he had never really known.
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  3. The act of Shoes 2 Dance Size Latin Salsa Women's Monie Adult Modern 8" Ballroom PF8Z5q; the act of making real.
    He did not stay around long enough to see the realization of the idea.
    The realization of the plan took several years.
  4. The result of an artistic effort.
    The painter's realization of her concept was breathtaking.

realization - Legal Definition


A transformation of non-monetary assets into cash; a transaction such as a property sale that impacts upon the taxpayer’s wealth to the extent that it may trigger the imposition of an income tax. If the tax is, in fact, imposed, the transaction is said to be recognized. See also recognition.



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Sentence Examples

  • The realization came slow and late, but clear.
  • Rhyn.s realization paralyzed him for a long moment.
  • Realization crossed Dusty's face.
  • There was a moment of realization as he understood her brave actions, and then a snap as the line let loose and he tumbled backwards like some mortally wounded game bird shot from the sky, arms outstretched, scream muffled in his mask.Women's Platino Mule Sarto Sela Franco TXvWq484
  • Realization crossed her features and with it another flash of anger.
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